Our Nashville Wedding Recap – Getting dressed and ready!

I hope you’re ready for another recap from our September wedding here in Nashville, TN! But first just a quick note in response to all the feedback from yesterday’s post. I loved reading all the comments and emails both from brides and photographers and I hope it was educational for everyone. I did not intend to start any sort of debate, it is always my goal with any post to inform and entertain my readers as well as to try and make the wedding planning process run more smoothly for everyone involved. This was just a topic I have been hearing about for years and it’s not one that I’ve ever seen put out there in the open, and I honestly figured that it happens so often merely because brides and grooms don’t know any better, after all most likely it is their first time going through this process. Therefore it was meant to be helpful and not as any sort of attack on brides (afterall I love brides, I work with awesome ones, and I just was one myself!).

I would like write more blog posts about creating a smoother wedding planning process, so if there are any vendors out there who have something they think would be helpful for couples to hear about, or brides that might be curious why vendors do this or that, or how they should handle any sort of situation, I’d love to hear from you! Please head over to the contact page or email me at [email protected]

Alrighty then, moving on! Time for some more pretty wedding photos from the Mclellan’s. When we last left off, I was finished with hair and make-up and it was now time to finish getting ready! As you can see I was very hesitant to give my iPhone that morning, I kept checking the weather since I didn’t believe it was suddenly going to be sunny at 3:00 PM, and I admit, I was guilty of being on Facebook and reading all the notes and comments that were flooding in. My cousin Colleen seems to be giving me the “really? you’re still on your phone?” look. Another note about being a wedding planner, I was apparently the only one in the room who knew how to tie a sash, so I ended up spending some time helping all the bridesmaids into their dresses.



At about this time, Corinne, my day-of coordinator showed up to check in, along with Hillary and all the beautiful bouquets! She even put a beautiful broach on my bouquet because she knows how much I love them, gosh she just thinks of everything! I quickly did some “oooing” and “ahhing” and then it was time to get dressed! At this point time started to really fly. Before I knew it I was in my dress, shoes, and jewelry, someone handed me my bouquet, and we were off!


Fun note about the shoes, you may remember a few posts back in the day about my search for the perfect wedding shoe and how I ended up with three pairs. Well after all that, I ended up wearing none of them…I instead wore a pair I’ve had for years and worn to various other people’s weddings. I liked them, they were the right heel height, they were comfortable and already broken in, and I knew I could stand in them for longer than 8 hours without my feet falling off. Lesson learned, don’t stress out so much about wedding shoes.

Next up, Brian and I get our first look at each other! Stay tuned and have a happy weekend!

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Tami - December 21, 2009 - 11:33 am

Love these pictures!!! You are so pretty & AWESOME hair!!

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